“We are a concrete pumping company in Utah with many specialties we supply. “

We at Cannon Pumps provide a variety of services for our valued customers.  We are a concrete pumping company in Utah with many specialties we supply. 

The biggest service we supply is a cleanliness service.  We go out of our way to accomplish this goal by continuing up to date training, top notch equipment, a desire to be the industry leader, and a relentless drive to accomplish it no matter what it requires.   We start with the basics of putting tarps on the ground, under our work area. Then we use multiple custom containment containers. We work with the truck drivers to only deliver the concrete we need. We wash up the truck in a timely manner, clean all of our equipment and then deposit the remainder of the product back in the concrete ready mix truck.  We take all of the excess water and gravel still left in the pump with us and recycle it on the next job. This helps us make concrete pumping Utah a clean affair and helps keep all of our down river water clean. We believe in being ahead of what is required by the entities that manage what we do. We do this out of a desire of taking care of the fishing and wildlife we all enjoy.  Who does not like a clean river that you can see the bottom of.  

We work hard to make sure there are not colored footprints all over existing concrete

Helper service is a big part of our ability to help you get your work completed in a timely and profitable manner.  While sometimes, within our industry, quality help is hard to find. We at Cannon Pumps try to alleviate some of this issue by trying to have an operator and a helper on each piece of equipment.  While some days while concrete pumping Utah, it does not work out, and we just have an operator with the pump. Most days, and always by request, we will supply a second set of hands. As our customers always seem to be busy, it never hurts to have those hands, especially on the really tough days when things go horribly wrong, as they do in our business.  This helper allows us to accomplish the job faster and keep our schedule better. Sometimes Ready Mix companies just show up late. Then we are all under water, and time matters to help keep us out of the weeds. It is really important to you and us that we try to keep on the schedule, as none of us likes to be moved around, especially to a later spot.  

Color service.  We have a special way of dealing with colored concrete and its cleanup.  We do most of the same things as our cleanliness allows, but we add a few tricks to it.  We will slurry up our hoses differently so as not to contaminate the colored load of concrete.  We utilize less water than other people, because of our clean up process, where we control all of the water, and we don’t like the color on the ground.  We work hard to make sure there are not colored footprints all over existing concrete, and while we are on the job, even if it requires us to do more work, we will do our best not to get color where it does not belong.  We go out of our way to make sure concrete pumping Utah with color is an effortless process. Our goal is to make it so you don’t have to spend precious man hours cleaning up someone else’s mess.  

“We provide a footing and wall service with some special equipment that we carry on every truck. “

Hose management service.  Unlike some others that use the excuse  ‘industry standard’ , we take a little offense to that statement.  That generally says ‘I am lazy and don’t want to work.’ We pride ourselves while concrete pumping Utah, that we do all that we can to make your job as easy as we possibly can.  Sometimes that just requires work. We train our operators and helpers to do just that. They get in and help to get the job done. This is a service we have perfected, as it helps us to keep our schedule and move on to our other jobs.  We have found that since we are more practiced at placing the concrete in the proper area with the proper amount, all of our jobs are easier. We get to move along faster, and you can focus on the tasks you have at hand for you and your crew.  We find this an invaluable service to the smaller crew and one man crew. We will do everything in our power to make sure we are helping you as much as possible to be profitable on your project.

We provide a footing and wall service with some special equipment that we carry on every truck.  At Cannon Pumps, we pride ourselves in finding the best solution for what task you have at hand. While concrete pumping Utah, we realize that there are things like basement foundations, big retaining walls, and giant footings to hold those walls up.  We have many years of experience and knowledge on how to accomplish these projects. Let us help you make your work simpler and more specified. We have the solution and if we don’t we will find it for you. From roller coasters, to 40’ deep basketball courts, to small additions on a house project, we have the people and equipment to help.

For the right customers, we at Cannon Pumps provide a simple pricing program.  It makes the ability to bid jobs much easier. While concrete pumping Utah can be a tricky proposition, we work with Contractors in certain situations to make the ability to give a fair price at a reasonable time frame.  We find that if helps free our customers up to do more bids, without having to wait for someone for our Company to respond after hours and weekends. We understand the importance of everyone’s time, so we work hard to make sure you have the tools to accomplish what you need, on your time frame. We at Cannon Pumps will do everything we can to help you be profitable and efficient.