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Welcome to our contacts page.  We are looking forward to helping you with all your questions.  The best way to contact us is by calling our local phone number, which is 801-582-7867.  We would be happy to answer your questions about our pumping process, fees and requirements.  Another way to contact us at Cannon Pumps is to email us at

We at Cannon Pumps hope to be able to serve all the concrete pump Utah needs you have.  We have a history of knowledge and ability to serve many specialized needs in the concrete pumping industry.  We have different pieces of equipment to be able to accomplish many different situations on many different construction sites.  We have many years of combined experience, and a professional staff to answer any and all questions. If we cannot answer the question right then, we will search out the answer and get back with you in a timely manner.  

We realize that the most important project for you is your own project.  We take extra care and caution to make sure it stays that important. Concrete pumping Utah with Cannon Pumps should be a great experience, and a rewarding one.  We should all feel good about being able to get the product we need, with the service we would like. That is where our team of professionals come in. We are steeped in all things line pumping, and we love to share that information.  We would like to make your experience in getting your project completed a high priority for our company. We like to think that our customers are the happiest people dealing with concrete pumping Utah. From our clean up service we provide, to the quality of the product that can be used, to the attention to detail on the job we think that we at Cannon Pumps strive to make your needs our priority.  With the highest quality equipment, and specifically trained personnel, we work hard to make the experience with Cannon Pumps a pleasant one.  

We use a certain brand of Pump, Transcrete, and special hoses built and delivered by Pump Parts Plus, which allows us to accomplish our task flawlessly.  We excel at the timely and proper maintenance of our equipment, which means when we get to your job, we are able to accomplish it in a smooth manner. It means our people are not worn out from trying to put out fires all day long, and they arrive to your project freshed, relaxed and ready to help you accomplish your concrete pumping Utah project.  We will take the extra steps to help you order the right products, at the right time, that will make things run smoothly, we will also stay in touch by phone and text the day of the project, with multiple updates throughout the process. We will confirm jobs on the previous day, just to make sure everything is in order. As it is beneficial for all of us if things move as planned for the day, and especially for your project.  We hope to pull off your concrete pumping Utah project without a hitch. We look forward to bringing all the pieces together for you.

We are the premier provider of concrete pump Utah along the wasatch front. We have been providing wonderful customer service and an amazingly clean work area.  We organize our equipment and work manner in order to accomplish the best available outcome for our customers project. We will strive to do the best we can on every project we arrive on.  We have many happy customers who have used us for 15 plus years, and we are pleased that we are still their first call when they require a line pump. We will continue to be the main source for authoritative line pump specialists along the Wasatch front in Utah.  We hope that we will be able to help you advance your projects and your people in a manner that will please you also. Our standard is to do the things that make everyone’s life simpler every day, every project.

At Cannon Pumps we want to make your experience a great one, one that will make you want to call back again and again.  At Cannon Pumps we have completed all sorts of jobs, from back patios, stamped back patios, foundation footings, foundation walls, retaining wall footings, retaining walls,  concrete masonry unit buildings, foam structural block fill, driveways, monolithic garages, detached garages, driveways, drive approach’s, parking strips, ac pads, sidewalks around the house, garbage can pads and the list goes on and on. If you have the project, we at concrete pumping Utah have probably completed a similar project somewhere along the valley.  We have many resources to help us get the information and equipment we need to complete your project in a timely manner. If you contact us, we will be happy to help you arrange whatever is required to help you with your project.  

As the weather changes, so do the things we are required to do to complete our jobs change.  We at Cannon Pumps work hard to help offset the problems that weather brings. From the heat of the summer, to the snow of the winter, the rain in the spring, we have found ways to keep concrete pumping Utah running on time and completing the required projects.  The weather in Utah brings a change almost every day, sometimes scheduling can be tricky, and sometimes there is a lot of wiggle room. Usually when bad weather hits, we have to reschedule to the next available day, which is not always the next day. As our schedule in the spring and summer sometimes is booked out three weeks in advance, you can see where that creates a special problem for trying to keep the projects on track and on time.  We do our best to schedule you as soon as possible so as not to drag out your project for a longer period of time. We at Cannon Pumps, concrete pumping Utah, will do everything available to us to help your project go forward, even in inclement weather.