About Us

Cannon Pumps has been operating concrete pumping in the Utah area continuously since 1955. 

It was started by Ed Cannon and is called Cannon Pumps. He started by providing pumping services for people needing concrete pumping all over Utah.  He was a specialist at pumping block fill for larger projects, as concrete pumps and concrete pumping were not all to common anywhere back then. Ed expanded and contracted his concrete pumping Utah business many times over the years. Service and quality were his defining characteristics.   Cannon Pumps of Utah got into the business of not only concrete pumping in Utah, but also selling pumps and many parts in Utah.  

As concrete pumping Utah grew over the years, Cannon Pumps not only did concrete pumping, they also sold and serviced many brands of concrete pumps and educated customers on how to pump concrete.  They taught masons how to do concrete pumping with old mechanical driven pumps, which were a very high maintenance concrete pump. As concrete pumping is a very abrasive industry, with all the sand and gravel with the high pressure, they sold parts and serviced machines continually all over Utah.

As the years progressed, Cannon Pumps fostered new business

As the years progressed, Cannon Pumps fostered new business in the concrete pumping Utah business along the Wasatch Front, and continued to sell pumps to future competition and customers all up and down the Wasatch Front.  As the need arose he helped to educate the industry on how to use different concrete mixes for various purposes, such as patios, retaining walls, basement floors, driveways and many other areas around projects. Ed worked with different concrete supply companies to make sure they were getting a product that was usable and durable.  Consistency is very critical to being able to pump concrete regularly without issues such as plugging, product failure and breakdowns. An extensive knowledge of the ready mix industry along with aggregate styles, gradations, powders, ad mixtures and how they all work together helped Mr Cannon to become the local industry go to guy for questions pertaining to pumping solutions.

 Eventually Cannon Pumps was sold to Charlie Ulrich and his family.  They continued with concrete pumping Utah and in the Western States.They discontinued selling parts and pumps and focused on concrete pumping mainly in Utah.  They took the initiative to expand the services offered in the business into Regular sized aggregate, through a relatively small hose. In the concrete pumping business we strive to take care of as much of the work as possible, there by freeing up people from your company to work on the tasks that you need to be completed.   They expanded over the next few years and offered concrete pumping Utah to a wider group of customers, who really appreciated and understood the benefits of the full size aggregate. The business really focused on mix designs that the companies shipped to our customers, learning and educating ourselves and supplying our database with acceptable mix designs, slumps, ad mixtures and multiple other factors that affected our outcome of being able to accomplish a quality job with the least impediment possible. 

“We believe it is in our best interest, and in the best interest of our industry to stay ahead of changing rules and ideas.”

As rules changed for concrete pumping Utah with the pursuit of the government needing more money, and not providing anything for it, along came the SWWPP program.  It required that all projects in Utah, even concrete pumping, were required not to send their waste water down down the storm drain. So we at Cannon Pumps figured out ways to become the cleanest concrete pumping in Utah.  Through some simple steps, such as a simplified wash out for the concrete trucks, an extra wash tub for the crews to wash tools and boots, implemented on our day to day operations, Cannon Pumps, has become one of the cleanest concrete pumping companies in Utah. As new issues arrive from crazy bureaucrats and people with little understanding of our industry, we will be there searching for the solutions to these problems. We believe it is in our best interest, and in the best interest of our industry to stay ahead of changing rules and ideas.  If we cannot stay ahead we will be left behind, where no one wants to be.   

At Cannon Pumps we pride ourselves on being the cleanest, friendliest, most professional concrete pumping company available. We spend many deliberate hours of specialized training to make sure all of our people are as efficient as possible. We strive to train our people to be professionals.  We want your experience with us to be overwhelming as far as service. Our operators are people who have made this their profession, take great pride in learning and doing the best job possible. If we accomplish our work in a professional and efficient manner, it only strengthens your bottom line.  All of us at Cannon Pumps strive to do all within our power to make sure we do our part to help your company be profitable. We look to use the highest quality equipment with the shortest down time as possible and many redundant systems as possible. This helps us to have an exceptional track record of completing scheduled jobs in a timely manner. In our industry, sometimes things go badly, and it is our job to get through the problems as quickly as possible so as not to make everybody’s job harder.  With personnel training and a rigorous maintenance program, we are able to achieve the high mark we have placed for ourselves. As we look forward to the future of concrete pumping Utah, we see many challenges, and we are up to the task of solving the problems. We think that a partnership with our clients in the construction industry of Utah, allows us the advantage to solve problems other companies don’t even know they have yet.

We look forward to many industrious years of providing quality concrete pumping services in Utah and all up and down the Wasatch front and surrounding states.  We will work hard to make every day a good day for you and us. May we all go to work, make money and enjoy life to the fullest.