Logan, Utah

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Cannon Pumps has serviced the North Utah, Southern Idaho area. From Ogden to Pocatello, from Brigham City to Bear Lake, Logan to Preston we enjoy all the things these great areas offer. We at Cannon Pumps have serviced these areas for many decades and come to enjoy the projects and the crews in all of these areas. We will use our many years of experience to help and execute the various styles of jobs. We will work extra hard to help you be profitable in your home area and we will use all of our knowledge from dispatch to maintenance to our pump operators to execute the job at hand. Cannon pumps looks forward to helping you from start to finish with you or your project managers.

We utilize a certain brand of pump, that is specifically chosen for their durability, usability and ease of use. We spent many years finding the pumps that have systems that can keep a pump operating in very adverse conditions. This is very important when we are away from the service area of all the people that can work on the equipment. This helps us to be able to accomplish and complete your projects in a timely manner that keeps us all moving forward.

We have well qualified operators that have years of experience completing a variety and wide scope of jobs. We have a fantastic back office group that will help execute the scheduling and paper work of the job. All of our team is committed and happy to spend the extra time and energy to make sure you are getting all of your needs taken care of. The ability to do a whole range of jobs, from basement floors, to back patios, to footings and foundation, to commercial projects pour backs to industrial jobs for those specialty jobs makes Cannon Pumps a great choice for all of your needs that we can take care of. We have the knowledge and experience you need to be confident of the execution of your projects. We have multiple decades of experience on all levels of construction with the experience with mix designs and product delivery situations that can become complicated in some of the areas we service, it is always best to have the industry leader on your team to help things move along. It is always helpful when all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together and we all work hard to make that the standard with all that we do.

Cannon Pumps is an industry leader when it comes to the cleanliness of the project and work area. We are very experienced with the new rules of how to clean up and contain the water and gravel. We will leave the job extremely clean and we have developed very specific ways to keep your jobsite extremely clean as just part of our clean up routine. Cannon Pumps is a leader in taking care of the environment around us and your project. We recognize that the environment around us is a part of our life and we think it is worth at least a small amount of effort on our part. We take some extra steps when we change trucks to control the water and clean up. It keeps there from being a big wet spot in the slab, and allows us to use all the water in our cleanup at the end of the job. We make sure we are putting water in only acceptable areas. This controls the water that can make it through the storm water drain system to our rivers and lakes. It only takes a few moments to make a real difference in what we do. We pump all the access concrete back into the truck and follow it with water. We let the ready mix company take the product back to the plant and dispose of it properly. We work hard to make sure that there is no clean up required on your part. We know that you have more important things to work on besides cleaning up a mess left by a supplier. You will find us a valuable member of your team when it comes to completing the job.

We at Cannon Pumps have been serving the intermountain west area for multiple decades with vast and extensive experience to go along with those years. We turn to that experience to execute jobs in the areas we service. That experience coupled with a little hard work and some good management helps us to be a leader in our industry. We would like to be your first phone call when you are working on a project and want to complete it in a timely manner with professionals at the helm. We look forward to helping you to keep your projects profitable. We have the ability to adapt and change with the difference in climate that is unique to our area of the country, and it can change quickly for us. We use our expertise and years of knowledge to complete these jobs in challenging and rough climates.

Since the beginning of Cannon Pumps almost 70 years ago, Ed started with the goal of being able to help and take care of all his customers. For the last 25 years we have strived to continue that attitude towards all of our customers now matter how big or small. We will do everything in our realm to be able to help you with your project, as we know that Concrete is the lifeblood that keeps the money flowing into all of our lives and bank accounts. We look forward to speaking with you and scheduling your project, no matter where it is in North Utah or South Idaho. We will travel the distance needed to help you to accomplish the jobs you take on. We will take the extra steps necessary to make sure that we have done all the things we can to make your life easier as a owner or manager. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.