Southeast Idaho

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Cannon Pumps has operated in the intermountain west for the last 50 years, we have worked on and completed jobs in almost every Western State there is. We know how to find and make connections with people and suppliers in different areas. We will use all of that knowledge to move your project forward. We have deep roots in southeast Idaho. We understand the unique and diverse situations this part of the world offers. Our expertise and understanding of the unique area and requirements to be able to accomodate the needs of our customers. We can mobilize the needed equipment from multiple locations to where it is needed to accomplish the job. We can make things happen the other guys just can’t do.

We have the ability to be able to utilize our equipment and expertise to help you accomplish whatever project you are completing. Whether it is a basement floor to a garage floor or a detached shop floor to footings or foundations, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you move your project forward with ease. With our helpful dispatch and multiple pieces of equipment and our knowledge of the area we can help you schedule your project with ease and efficiency. We can service all of the areas in the snake river plains and beyond. We are flexible and knowledgeable in all areas of concrete construction, from residential to commercial to industrial. We cover all aspects of concrete construction. All of our operators are experienced in a variety of scenarios and situations all to make the job completed in the most productive manner possible.

We run equipment that is uniquely suited to the extremes of the area. The colds of fall and winter and warmth of spring and summer. We specifically choose this as equipment for our needs because of the dependable nature of the design. With its redundancy systems built in on multiple levels, when operating in the remote areas of our area there is less chance of equipment failure. It has been designed out of them.We have found after 25 years of real world experience with these pumps, they are the most dependable, workable and useful pieces of equipment manufactured in the industry today.

We have multiple decades of experience in being an industry leader in not only pumping concrete but in being good stewards over the environment in which we operate. We have designed a clean up procedure second to none that accomplishes the ability to take care of our equipment and not leave a mess in the area we are working in. We have developed a few inventive ways to accomplish cleaning of our equipment, with a little bit of effort to take a couple of steps, and leaves us with a system that accomplishes multiple tasks with minimal effort. We control the amount of water used and where it is deposited so that it is not going to be going to the watershed area. We are outdoorsmen who enjoy the crisp clean outdoors and we work hard to keep the things we enjoy and are important to us safe. We encourage all of the people who work with us to do their part in keeping our natural resources safe and secure.

We at Cannon Pumps have been striving to bring a quality process to our industry. We work had to be at the cutting edge of technology of our time. We look for new and improved ways to complete our jobs quicker, cleaner and with less chance of issues. We will plan and organize the project with your lead contact on the job to make sure all the parameters are met. We will use all of our expertise and resources available to us to bring your project to fruition. We are specialists in completing projects with our partners, even in challenging and ever changing environments. We work hard to bring professionalism and knowledge to all of the projects we work on. From Idaho Falls to Pocatello to Rigby to Blackfoot to Sugar City to Inkom to Ashton and everywhere in between. We will travel the distance, just like you do, to accomplish the job. Our People and our Company resources are available to be able accomplish these things all over the Snake River Basin. We can work with your team to make a plan and execute it to accomplish your goals and finish the project. The goal is to help our customers be able to finish the tasks that allow them to be profitable. The ability to accomplish the project and be able to collect payment is what all of us work towards, we want to be the difference in how easy you can collect your money.

Our professional dispatch team will help schedule the job, and send the right equipment for the job and a way that works for everyone. We will stay in touch throughout the process so that we can relieve the worry and stress of worrying whether your pump is going to be there. Our goal is to make the decision of using our company an easy one. We will be the ones that have your back. We will work hard and in conjunction with your team to complete the tasks at hand. We will follow through on all aspects of the job to closure to make this effortless in the process. We want to be part of your team that makes you successful.

Since the beginning, when Ed Cannon started this company many decades ago, the challenges that confront us have been dealt with head on. We have adapted and overcame many situations that have been placed before us. We are innovators and leaders within the industry we serve. Everyone within our organization works hard and strives to make all that we do work more efficiently. From the design changes in Concrete Pumps to the delivery system upgrades to the product mix designs of concrete delivered by suppliers, we have the expertise and knowledge to adapt and change as these things are presented in our unique territory of operation.